Happier Tenants

Income property management brings different challenges everyday. As a rental property owner, it can be overwhelming at times, trying to find answers and help. Having a professional property management team that is local to your Tampa Bay property will enhance your investment while giving you peace-of-mind.

You and your tenants will feel great knowing that the everyday tasks of maintaining your property are covered.

We take care of everything – including maintenance & marketing. Your costs are kept lower, because we find better tenants who stay longer and maintain your property better. When someone does move out, our aggressive system of advertising gets your property occupied faster.

Our intensive screening process means less vacancies and a quicker ROI for you.

Your Needs are Our Specialty

We can accommodate clients of any need.  Whether you are more hands-on, hands-off, or somewhere in between, Palm Island Property Management provides complete property management services for every client.


Our Services


Preparation of units (curb & interior appeal) & to obtain maximum rent, tenant screening, advertising

Tenant Relations

All management and administrative matters, related to you property

Late Night Maintenance Calls

We are available to all of our clients for emergency maintenance issues, 24 hours a day

Collections & Payables

Rents, invoices, legal notices, court appearances as necessary


Transparent financial statements, details of all income and expenses

Marketing & Tenant Retention

Your investment only works if it’s consistently rented by good tenants.  Marketing is a critical aspect of exceptional property management. We’ve created a system of rental property advertising that utilizes the most popular listing sites (such as Zillow, Hotpads, Trulia, etc.) to get vacancies rented as quickly as possible to qualified tenants. We’ve also developed tenant-retention programs by creating partnerships with popular, local businesses that provide exclusive offers and discounts.

Maintenance & Repairs

In house team of specialists, as well as a network of independent, insured vendors at competitive rates

Project Management

Capital expenditures for reposition and improvement of buildings

Rental Criteria

The following policies are used when screening persons for residency at any property managed by Palm Island Realty Property Management.  This criteria applies to every applicant who wishes to reside at this property.  Applications must be filled out completely and are considered on a first come first screened basis.  If negative information is found in any category, the application is subject to denial.

Palm Island Property Management does not discriminate based on:  race, color, religion, marital status, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, familial status, disability or source of income.  We comply with all federal, state and local Fair Housing Laws.


  • Occupancy is based on the number of bedrooms in a unit.  (A bedroom is defined as a space within the premises that is used primarily for sleeping, with at least one window and a closet for clothing).
  • Two persons are allowed per bedroom.
  • Exceptions are made for children under age two.  Children under the age of two are allowed as a third occupant when the child resides with the parent of other adult(s) maintaining proper legal custody.


  • Select your rental unit
  • Complete the application on the designated form.
  • Pay your non-refundable credit/screening fee of $45.00 per adult of the age 18 or older.  (Payment via Cash, Credit/Debit or Money Order only will be accepted).
  • Be prepared to wait one-two business days for the information on your application to be verified.
  • Once you are approved, you will have 48 hours to pay the holding deposit. If you fail to enter into a rental agreement, your holding deposit shall be forfeited.

DISABLED ACCESSIBILITY – Existing premises may be modified at the full expense of the disabled person, if the disabled person agrees to restore the premises to the pre-modified condition.  Requirements include:

  • Written approval from the landlord before modifications are made.
  • Written assurances that the work will be performed in a professional manner by a licensed contractor.
  • Written proposals detailing the extent of the work to be done.
  • Documents identifying the names and qualifications of the contractors to be used.
  • All appropriate building permits and required licenses made available for landlord inspection.