Property Management Experts

We know the value of a good tenant.

Our process of finding the right tenant for your rental property begins with an effective marketing program, rigorous screenings, and lease negotiation.

Rental Property Marketing

  • FOR RENT SIGNS – Posted at the property with our website and phone number clearly displayed. Prospective renters can find out very easily – even at 7PM on a Saturday – the price and size of your property and when it will be ready for move-in.

  • MLS – Your rental property data is entered in the Austin Multiple Listing Service giving access to over 8,000 other Realtors and Renters.

  • All Palm Island rental listings are available on our network of websites, as well as public gateways, such as Craigslist and others.

  • INTERNET LISTINGS – Our available homes for rent in the Austin area are posted online complete with photos, maps and property details for the conveneince of those searching for a new home.

  • LEASING LOCATORS – We make all of our listings available to the many Lease Locator companies in Tampa, St. Pete and Clearwater. These non-Realtor companies specialize in helping tenants find apartments, duplexes and homes for rent in the Tampa Bay area.

  • WORD OF MOUTH / REFERRALS – Current and past tenants, friends of our tenants, referrals from other agents that we network with.

  • CORRECT PRICING – Even the best and nicest homes will not lease quickly if overpriced. We make sure your rental home is priced according to current market conditions.

  • THOROUGH PREPARATION – Even the best located and priced rental homes will not lease quickly if the rental home is not in top showing condition. Homes for rent in Tampa Bay absolutely must show well and have an attractive “curb appeal” or they may sit empty for extended periods. Part of our property management duties is to ensure that your rental home is presented in a clean and attractive condition so that it will attract a qualified tenant.

Our strategy finds qualified tenants quickly, and includes the following methods:

  • Multiple Listing Service
  • Strategic Sign Placement
  • Referral Programs
  • Local Advertisements

Tenant Qualification

LANDLORD REFERENCES – We interview past landlords, asking detailed, open ended questions about the tenant’s past performance.

CREDIT REPORT – Our property manager and leasing agent has a direct connection with the Experian credit reporting service. We obtain a credit report which tells us the applicant’s current and past performance toward meeting their financial obligations. It also tells us their monthly debt, credit score, and shows their previous addresses (which we compare to addresses listed on the application). An applicant must meet established credit standards.

DRIVER LICENSE VERIFICATION – We pull a copy of the applicant’s public drivers license data. This tells us not only if the addresses given on the application are consistent but also when and what the last drivers license activity was, such as a renewal or change of address. This is important because if someone says they have been living at a certain address for the past three years, but then we see they renewed their drivers license a year ago at a different address, a red flag goes up and we often find in that situation that the applicant is trying to conceal bad rental history.

PROPERTY TAX SEARCH – If a private individual is listed as previous or current landlord, we will pull the tax records and verify that the person listed actually owns the property.

The property tax record crosscheck, along with pulling driver license data, is what reveals most of the fraud attempts that we encounter and is a level of scrutiny that most other property management companies do not even perform.

EMPLOYMENT/INCOME – We contact the employer to verify length of employment, status, and income. An applicant needs to earn at least 3 times the monthly rent in gross income to qualify for rental and we will want to see a copy of their pay stub.

PETS – We don’t generally permit animals/pets into managed properties unless you allow us to do so, however, 50% to 70% of renters have pets. When we make the decision to accept an applicant with pets, we minimize your risk by limiting the breed, age, number and size of the pets. We also use a special pet addendum for your protection. We are careful in selecting tenants who wish to bring pets with them.

OTHER FACTORS – Many of our managed properties are subject to Home Owner Association restrictions such as no boats or trailers, and limits on the type and number of vehicles. An otherwise qualified applicant may be unable to lease a property if, for instance, they own a boat and want to park it in the driveway. We make sure issues like that are covered up front to avoid surprises after move-in. [/su_nt_box]
Every potential tenant goes through a detailed background check, screened for the following:

  • Prior Evictions Search
  • Criminal Background
  • FDLE Sexual Predator Search
  • Employment Verification/Credit Check
  • Prior Rental Reference Check
  • Personal Reference Check

Lease Negotiation & Execution

We don’t stop advertising a rental listing until all fees from the approved potential tenant are collected.

Leases are annual and updated as needed to comply with any changes to local/state/federal laws.
All tenant responsibilities are CLEARLY STATED and reviewed at lease signing.

Then the real work begins…

Once the tenant moves in, we handle the day-to-day operations and needs of the property. We:

  • Collect rent
  • Manage all maintenance
  • Conduct regular property inspections

We guarantee our system, and if a tenant fails to uphold their agreement, you will not be charged another lease fee for the next tenant.

Tampa Bay Property Management Service Fees

Lease fee is 50% of first month’s rent. Property Management fee is 10% of rent collected per month.
Renewal fee is $200. Eviction fees vary.